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My name is Tata and I am a Junior at ISB, Thailand. I absolutely love music esp. singing and playing the piano, as well as taking beautiful photos and sharing them with the people around me. I hope you enjoy my work!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012 @ 10:45 PM


Chiang Mai '11

Thursday, January 5, 2012 @ 10:09 PM

This post is continued from my previous post, in which I had posted up photos from my trip to Lampang, a province also in the North. Our next destination was indeed, Chiang Mai. There were so many tourist attractions to visit, but unfortunately I only had one full day to visit them all. So we split up our day between visiting the Zoo and the Royal Flora Exhibition, even though I wished that I could have spent one full day in each of these places.

Started off the day with breakfast at the Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel.

On our way to the Chiang Mai Zoo.

The first animal we saw...a ZEBRA.


We feeded giraffes as well. There were two of them and both were drooling so much! They must be really hungry because they ate those bean strings really fast.


With a two-year-old baby elephant. 

My sister with the adult elephant. I don't remember his age though!

The elephant apparently has the same name as my dad :P 

And then we saw CAMELS!

And then DONKEYS.

Mr. Koh Kae at the front of the Panda House. 

Then it was time to visit Linping the Panda!

...but she was sleeping T_T

So we went to see her parents instead. 

Chaung Chaung, Linping's father, was busy enjoying his bamboo.

Yeah, you can tell he was pretty hungry.

Linhui. also sleeping like her daughter. 

At the front of the aquarium, we saw a couple feeding the fishes...milk -_-

We then entered the awuarium and look, just in time for the aquairium show. Do you see Santa? 

This is one of the most interesting aquarium animal I saw...it's apparently from Mexico.

The aquarium was so much fun! I got to see so many cool little fishies, but I didn't take as many photos as I had wished to. I did get some videos though, so maybe I'll upload and share them soon!

Outside the aquairium. Hope to see this place again.

Our next destination were to see the Koalas!

RABBITS! Taken through a cage :) 

Llamas! They are so adorbs <3

Feeding the deers!


And penguins and peacocks! Got to see so many cool animals.

My stamp from the aquairium. Finally it was time to leave the zoo. 

We stopped at a nearby mall and decided to write a graffiti of our names on this statue person.

At about 4pm, we finally arrived at the Royal Flora Exhibition. The sky was already starting to get dark :/

The floral elephant was so cool!

At the entrance of the Royal Park. The park was made into a very grand and beautiful exhibition this year in honor of the King. Next year; they will remove many of the features in this park, including all the festive lights and the Ferris Wheel. We were really fortunate to have seen all that the exhibition had to offer this year!


The flowers were uber gorgeous!

Such a beautiful site!

Inside and outside the place. 

The sky grew darker by the minutes. I really like how well the photos of the ferris wheels managed to turn out.

About to board! 

THE LIGHTS! They were so so sooo gorgeous that these pictures aren't doing its beauty ANY justice. You just had to see it with your own eyes!


 The best part...FIREWORKS!


These fruits and plants were so unusual, especially those big melons. 

Ending the photo post with a heart <3 Hope you have enjoyed the photos!

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